Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Scrambled Eggs a la Everything


In recent years, I have become a scrambled eggs fanatic! Whenever I used to think of breakfast, the image of sunny side up eggs, bacon, homefries and lots of toast and jam popped into my mind. However, scrambled eggs are so much more versatile, and easier to whip up. Plus they’re more colorful:) You can pretty much add whatever you want to your scrambled eggs in order to suit your tastes. This is what I included in mine:

1 Slice of Cooked Leftover Turkey:

I was looking for a little something extra in my eggs, and I will literally try anything. Once I added the cooked turkey, it gave such a great flavour! However you can just stick with veggies if you prefer:)

Pieces of Broccoli

Green Peppers

Although not included in this picture, I usually add red, yellow or orange peppers to the mix as well. Peppers are my favourite and each color adds that burst of flavour to your eggs!

Green Onions


I mashed up some avocado, and put small slices into my eggs, as well as some slices on the side to eat with my toast. I just can’t get enough.

Feta Cheese

I usually like to shred some mozzarella cheese onto my eggs, however I decided to try feta cheese since I was all out of options while making breakfast, and it turned out great! The feta cheese also pairs well with scrambled eggs and spinach, it’s delicious, and healthy.

Home Made Banana Icecream

homemade icecream

I know, I know.. icecream for breakfast!? I thought we were trying to be healthy. Well, it turns out that there’s great news for all of the ice cream lovers out there, including me. We can now eat ice cream for breakfast, and still have a healthy meal:) Banana’s really are a wonderful fruit. I made this breakfast for myself one saturday morning while my cravings were running wild, and it did the trick. Banana’s can also be combined with many other ingredients in order to make a wide variety of ice cream flavours for any kind of sweet tooth you might be experiencing.

What You Will Need:
1 (or more) large ripe banana (should be soft)


Freezer safe container

Food Processor/ Blender

*Any ingredients you choose to mix with the bananas (I will include some ideas below)

Instructions: Let’s make ice cream!

Peel your banana’s, and cut them into small peices

Put bananas into container, and freeze overnight (or at least for 2-3 hours)

Take bananas out of freezer, and begin to blend in a food processor

Add any other ingredients you wish to include in your icecream

I added some vanilla extract, and a bit of honey to mine for sweetness

Other Mix In Ideas Include:
Peanut Butter

Chocolate Chips

Almonds/Almond Milk


Cocoa Powder

Keep Blending the bananas until they are a creamy, soft serve ice cream texture (they will go through stages of looking crumbly, like oatmeal, etc. Keep blending!)

Scoop the mixture out, and transfer back into the freezer to harden to your likening (or you can eat the mixture after blending, but it will be a bit soft)

Top your ice cream with fruit! I used strawberries, but you can use whichever type of topping you prefer!

Enjoy your ice cream for breakfast:)

Overnight Oats


One of my absolute favourite breakfast recipes is overnight oats! I usually make this on weekdays when I am busiest, and do not have a lot of time in the mornings before class, or work. This recipe is so simple, and versatile. It is delicious, and jam packed with tons of healthy fruits, nuts, seeds, and more. I will be making another post soon about all of my favourite types of overnight oats that you can make, since there are so many different options with this.

What You Will Need:

Rolled oats (I buy mine from bulk barn)

Greek or plain vanilla yogurt

Sliced Almonds

Walnut Pieces

Chia Seeds

Almond Milk (you can also use regular, or soy)


I used:




A container/ jar/ or bowl

Pour some of your oats into your bowl/ jar

Pour about 3/4 of the amount of oats you have, of milk into the bowl with the oats (about the same amount of water that you would pour into regular oatmeal)

Scoop some yogurt out, and spread a thin layer over top of the oats in the bowl (this is how it is supposed to be done, however instead of putting the yogurt on top in a layer, I like to mix the yogurt in with the milk and the oats)

Top the mixture with fruit of your choice

Top fruit with nuts, and seeds of your choice

Place bowl/jar into the refridgerator, and cover

Overnight, the oats will absorb the milk and the yogurt, and will be similar to a porridge in the morning

In the morning, uncover, mix, and enjoy your healthy overnight oats!

*This recipe is similar to oatmeal, however it is eaten cold, and with milk and yogurt instead. I honestly enjoy this alternative better than oatmeal, since I can add so many more ingredients to it. I also think the texture, and the fact that it is cold really adds to it! This meal is so great for people on the run during the week, since it can be prepared at night, and is ready in the mornings:)

Home Made Banana & Egg Pancakes Topped With Peanut Butter, Oat, and Cinnamon Spread


This breakfast may take a little extra time, but it is sooosoo so delicious!! I would probably dedicate a saturday, or sunday morning to making it, but its worth it:) So, with my love for pancakes, I decided I wanted to put my own spin on them, as well as make them from scratch so I know exactly what I am eating. There are only 2 main ingredients needed for this, which are common in any household! As with many of the dishes I have mentioned, you can modify them to meet your specific tastes.

What You Need:

2 eggs

1 banana

Rolled Oats


Organic Peanut Butter (works best for mixing)

Rasberries (I used frozen rasberries)

Blender/ Food Processor


Blend your 2 eggs, and 1 peeled and cut banana together (you may also mash them up in a bowl)

Pour the mixture into the pan as you would regular pancakes

To Make the Oat Spread:

Simply mix your rolled oats with a few spoons of natural peanut butter

Add a few sprinkles of cinnamon into the mix

Once the pancakes are finished cooking:

Top with your peanut butter oat spread

Top With frozen, or fresh raspberries

Other Ideas For the Batter:

Cocoa Powder

Peanut Butter

Protein Powder


Vanilla Extract

Slices of Apple, strawberry or blueberries within the batter

Other Topping Ideas:

Maple Syrup



Cinnamon and Brown Sugar French Toast Avec Fruit
french toast

Ok, so this breakfast idea may have a little bit of sugar in it (just a little šŸ™‚ )!!! For those mornings when you just want some savoury french toast… this is perfect. I love the idea of sprinkling my french toast with brown sugar and cinnamon since it gives it that crunchy, but sweet taste. SO YUMMY.

What You Need:

2 Slices of Whole Wheat, or other Bread

2 eggs


Vanilla Extract




Brown Sugar




Mix together 2 eggs in a bowl

Add milk of your choice into the mixture

Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract into the mix

Soak each side of your 2 pieces of bread in your egg/ milk mixture

Coat your pan with butter, or oil (personally, I like to use cooking oil because it makes the bread crispier)

Place pieces of bread in the pan, and sprinkle each side with brown sugar, and cinnamon (you can use however much of this as you would like, I coated each side with more brown sugar than cinnamon)

Cook the pieces of french toast in the pan until desired

Top your pieces of french toast with sliced strawberries and bananas

Drizzle with honey

Veggie OmeletteĀ eggs

Im sure everyone knows how to cook an omelette, and probably loves them as much as me. Omelettes are a great choice for a healthy breakfast, since you can never go wrong with eggs, whatever style of eggs you may prefer. I usually eat my omelettes with a side of a tall glass of OJ and toast with avocado spread! Yummm.

What You Will Need:

2 eggs




Red Peppers

Yellow Peppers

Green Onions

1 Avocado


Whisk 2 eggs and milk into a bowl

Cut up small pieces of whichever veggies you like

I used:


Red Peppers

Yellow Peppers

Green Onions


Pour egg mixture into butter covered, or non stick pan

Wait until the eggs mixture has spread out to cover the whole pan, and the eggs have become somewhat firm

Pour your veggies into the center of the omelette

When egg is firm enough, lift one side of the omelette with spatula and fold over the veggies in the center

Cook until desired

Serve omelette with side of toast and avocado!

Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal With Blueberries and Cinnamon


Similar to the overnight oats, regular oatmeal is a great, healthy breakfast for those on the go. You can use rolled oats, and add in the ingredients you like, or just buy a package of quaker oatmeal from the grocery store. Since I have an abundance of rolled oats in my house because I looove them, I used plain oats that I bought from bulk barn. I love eating regular oatmeal when I want something warm, yet simple, and easy.

What You Will Need:
Rolled Oats

Brown Sugar


Hot Water (you can also use warm milk)



Pour oats into a bowl

Sprinkle with a few teaspoons of brown sugar and cinnamon

Add hot water, or warm milk to oats

Top with fresh blueberries or fruit of choice

Well, that’s it for my favourite breakfast meals:) I have cooked all of these meals many times, and usually turn to them since I loove cooking breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day!! I have turned away from sugary cereals, as well as the traditional bacon and eggs, in order to get more creative, and healthy with my breakfast meals. I always remind myself of the simple, yet wonderful rule, that the more colorful your meal, the more healthy it should be! (with the exception of candy of course). This is why I think it is a great idea to include lots of fruits and veggies in your morning meals, along with eggs. Breakfast is a good time to incorporate all the nutrients you need, in order to go ahead and conquer your day, and feel healthy and energized.

I will be posting more ideas on how to modify the overnight oats as well, since that is one of my favourite meals, and there are so many fun ways to make it! I hope everyone found a new meal to try, let me know what you guys think:) If you have a favourite meal that you make for breakfast please share it with me, since I am always looking for new things to try!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, happy cooking:) xo

Sincerely, Jesseca


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  1. i recently made banana peanut butter ice cream and i been snacking on that all day! these are great healthy breakfasts! i tried to follow you on your other site but i couldnt figure out how to… fail right? lol if you get a chance, come check out my fitness and fashion blog as well! it’s funny because my blog is called SincerelyAimee haha

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    1. I have just switched my website from to .org as my own self hosted site so my other wordpress site is no longer my website, you can folow me on here, My follow button might not be working ill check that out lol! But yes I am obsessed with these home made ice creams, they are addicting !! I will check out your blog, thanks for the comment aimee :)!

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