Skiing at Blue Mountain, Collingwood

Black Diamonds are a girl’s best friend










This past winter break, instead of gifts for Christmas, I told my boyfriend we should save our money and take a ski trip to Blue Mountain, Collingwood. I had been skiing 4 times previous to this, and fell in love with it! I had heard of Blue Mountain before, and read great reviews on it, so I wanted to see for myself. When we got there, it took forever for us to find a parking spot. Once we finally did however, we took a walk around the village before checking into our room. It really is beautiful in the winter time. There were plenty of quaint Irish pubs in the village, where we sipped Baileys and coffee, and watched live bands. The slopes were great too! We did mostly the blue hills. I loved how much it snowed, since it really set the mood for the whole trip, especially when we went into the hottub at night, and early in the A.M. I loved my experience at Blue Mountain, and next time I go back, maybe I will attempt to snow board 🙂

If you have a favourite skiing spot, or can recommend some great locations to ski (or snowboard), please feel free to share!

Sincerely, Jesseca


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