Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Scrambled Eggs a la Everything


In recent years, I have become a scrambled eggs fanatic! Whenever I used to think of breakfast, the image of sunny side up eggs, bacon, homefries and lots of toast and jam popped into my mind. However, scrambled eggs are so much more versatile, and easier to whip up. Plus they’re more colorful:) You can pretty much add whatever you want to your scrambled eggs in order to suit your tastes. This is what I included in mine:

1 Slice of Cooked Leftover Turkey:

I was looking for a little something extra in my eggs, and I will literally try anything. Once I added the cooked turkey, it gave such a great flavour! However you can just stick with veggies if you prefer:)

Pieces of Broccoli

Green Peppers

Although not included in this picture, I usually add red, yellow or orange peppers to the mix as well. Peppers are my favourite and each color adds that burst of flavour to your eggs!

Green Onions


I mashed up some avocado, and put small slices into my eggs, as well as some slices on the side to eat with my toast. I just can’t get enough.

Feta Cheese

I usually like to shred some mozzarella cheese onto my eggs, however I decided to try feta cheese since I was all out of options while making breakfast, and it turned out great! The feta cheese also pairs well with scrambled eggs and spinach, it’s delicious, and healthy.

Home Made Banana Icecream

homemade icecream

I know, I know.. icecream for breakfast!? I thought we were trying to be healthy. Well, it turns out that there’s great news for all of the ice cream lovers out there, including me. We can now eat ice cream for breakfast, and still have a healthy meal:) Banana’s really are a wonderful fruit. I made this breakfast for myself one saturday morning while my cravings were running wild, and it did the trick. Banana’s can also be combined with many other ingredients in order to make a wide variety of ice cream flavours for any kind of sweet tooth you might be experiencing.

What You Will Need:
1 (or more) large ripe banana (should be soft)


Freezer safe container

Food Processor/ Blender

*Any ingredients you choose to mix with the bananas (I will include some ideas below)

Instructions: Let’s make ice cream!

Peel your banana’s, and cut them into small peices

Put bananas into container, and freeze overnight (or at least for 2-3 hours)

Take bananas out of freezer, and begin to blend in a food processor

Add any other ingredients you wish to include in your icecream

I added some vanilla extract, and a bit of honey to mine for sweetness

Other Mix In Ideas Include:
Peanut Butter

Chocolate Chips

Almonds/Almond Milk


Cocoa Powder

Keep Blending the bananas until they are a creamy, soft serve ice cream texture (they will go through stages of looking crumbly, like oatmeal, etc. Keep blending!)

Scoop the mixture out, and transfer back into the freezer to harden to your likening (or you can eat the mixture after blending, but it will be a bit soft)

Top your ice cream with fruit! I used strawberries, but you can use whichever type of topping you prefer!

Enjoy your ice cream for breakfast:)

Overnight Oats


One of my absolute favourite breakfast recipes is overnight oats! I usually make this on weekdays when I am busiest, and do not have a lot of time in the mornings before class, or work. This recipe is so simple, and versatile. It is delicious, and jam packed with tons of healthy fruits, nuts, seeds, and more. I will be making another post soon about all of my favourite types of overnight oats that you can make, since there are so many different options with this.

What You Will Need:

Rolled oats (I buy mine from bulk barn)

Greek or plain vanilla yogurt

Sliced Almonds

Walnut Pieces

Chia Seeds

Almond Milk (you can also use regular, or soy)


I used:




A container/ jar/ or bowl

Pour some of your oats into your bowl/ jar

Pour about 3/4 of the amount of oats you have, of milk into the bowl with the oats (about the same amount of water that you would pour into regular oatmeal)

Scoop some yogurt out, and spread a thin layer over top of the oats in the bowl (this is how it is supposed to be done, however instead of putting the yogurt on top in a layer, I like to mix the yogurt in with the milk and the oats)

Top the mixture with fruit of your choice

Top fruit with nuts, and seeds of your choice

Place bowl/jar into the refridgerator, and cover

Overnight, the oats will absorb the milk and the yogurt, and will be similar to a porridge in the morning

In the morning, uncover, mix, and enjoy your healthy overnight oats!

*This recipe is similar to oatmeal, however it is eaten cold, and with milk and yogurt instead. I honestly enjoy this alternative better than oatmeal, since I can add so many more ingredients to it. I also think the texture, and the fact that it is cold really adds to it! This meal is so great for people on the run during the week, since it can be prepared at night, and is ready in the mornings:)

Home Made Banana & Egg Pancakes Topped With Peanut Butter, Oat, and Cinnamon Spread


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Skiing at Blue Mountain, Collingwood

Black Diamonds are a girl’s best friend





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Favourite DIY Facials

  As a lover of DIY projects, as well as beauty, it is only natural for me to want to share my favourite home made, natural skin care treatments with the world. I have been using food products for my skin care routine for quite some time now. I absolutely love the way these treatments make my skin look and feel! If healthy, nutrient rich foods are beneficial internally, then it only makes sense that they also have benefit’s when used externally. By making my own facial mixtures, and masks, I have saved myself a ton of cash, all while improving the health, and appearance of my skin.


I know it probably looks like I am about to whip up a delicious meal, but I am actually going to use all of these common household food products, and turn them into quick and easy facial masks!


Before I apply anything to my skin, and after I wash my makeup off, I like to steam my face. This process is very simple. Just boil some hot water, grab a bowl, put your face over the steam, with a towel over your head, and voila! The steam helps to open up your pores, releasing any impurities trapped underneath the skin left behind from makeup etc. This step is important in my skin routine, since it prepares my skin for all the nutrients I’m about to feed it. The skin is the largest organ of the body, so I always make sure to take care of it as best as I can.

Baking Soda and Vinegar/ Water (Astringent, Blackhead/ Acne Cleanser)


IMG_9620This baking soda and apple cider vinegar mixture is used mostly used as an acne, and blackhead treatment. If your skin is not prone to acne, not oily, or dry, I would not suggest using this treatment very often as it may be too harsh on sensitive skin types. My skin tends to get oily, and sometimes I have blackheads/pimples around my nose. The baking soda mixed with a bit of apple cider vinegar and water gently opens up your pores, to help reduce blackheads, and cleans out any impurities, and dirt underneath the skin. After you have gently scrubbed the areas which are prone to breakouts, wash off the paste with warm water.

Honey and Brown Sugar (Exfoliating)


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Riviera Maya, Mexico

This past July, I traveled to the Mayan Riviera in beautiful Mexico, with my boyfriend. I know what your thinking… Why the hell would I go to Mexico during the hottest month. The simple answer is this: traveling on a student budget requires some sacrifices. Despite the scorching sun, I absolutely loved my vacation! Having never been to a tropical beach destination before (other than Florida, no offence Florida love you), I had high expectations from what I imagined it would be like. As soon as I stepped off the plane, these expectations were met… I saw palm trees, and it was hot! Yay. My next immediate thought was, where’s the beach. And then, where’s my bikini.. and the rest of my luggage. Now I’ll spare you all of the boring details and jump to our resort experience.

Since this was my first time traveling alone with my boyfriend, we had to take extra precautions, and make even more preparations than usual. However, luckily we survived our first travel experience together!


We stayed at the Catalonia Yucatan. Like I mentioned, this was my first resort, and I am an easy girl to please, so I loved it. The restaurants were great (Japanese, Italian, etc), there were rooftop restaurants, as well as an all you can eat crepe cafe (I was there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The resort had two seperate pool areas, with huge in pool bars, which I drank margaritas at all day long with my new bartender friends. Seriously, they knew me by name.

If you like Pina Coladas... and laying out on the beach
If you like Pina Coladas… and laying out on the beach
My lifeproof case came in handy
My lifeproof case came in handy





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Tobermory, Ontario

Living in Canada my entire life, I never knew there were such beautiful places until I began venturing into my home country. The first time I visited Tobermory, Ontario, was in 2012, and I loved it so much I went back a second time in 2014! Both times, I stayed at my friends cottage on the lake. Seriously, every girl needs to take a road trip with her friends!!! I cannot even begin to explain the amount of laughs we shared on both of these trips. I’m not sure which I enjoyed more, the drive up, or the stay. From hiking, to drunken campfire nights, to jumping off rocks and cliffs into crystal clear water, this was one of my most memorable trips. Not only did I get to enjoy one of Canadas treasures, but I got to enjoy the company of my best friends.

Trying on this very furry hat. Not really my style!
Trying on this very furry hat. Not really my style! P.S Don’t mind my campfire/lakewater hair:)
I wokeup at 5am while all of my friends were still sleeping. It was so peaceful watching the sunrise over the lake, and from behind the trees. Although hearing the distant cry of cows kind of scared my at first.. Hey im a city girl!
I wokeup at 5am while all of my friends were still sleeping. It was so peaceful watching the sunrise over the lake, and from behind the trees. Although hearing the distant cry of cows kind of scared me at first.. Hey im a city girl!
Such beautiful scenery so close to home.. I sure do love Canada, eh
Such beautiful scenery so close to home.. I sure do love Canada, eh

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